Size: S/M/L – XL/XXL

Colour: Orange


Description: Two colour harness. 2 fall arrester anchorage points (back – front). 4 adjustable buckles.


Straps: polyester.

Weight: 1,4 kg.


Strong points:

Soft padding on the shoulders and straps on the legs.

Fall indicator.


Instructions for use:

The test methods described in the standards do not represent actual usage conditions. It is therefore important to study each work situation and that each user is fully trained in different techniques in order to know the limits of the various devices.This product is inseparable from a comprehensive fall protection system (EN363), whose function is to minimize the risk of body injury from falls. The fall arrest harness (EN361) is the only body grip to be allowed for use with a fall arrest system. It must be connected to the fall arrest system by connectors (EN362).

The vertical clearance is the stopping distance H + additional safety distance of 1 m. The distance H measured from the initial position to the final position (user’s balance after the fall arrest).


Limits to use:

* Harness :

Textile products or those containing textile elements (harnesses, belts, shock absorbers etc…): maximum life of 10 years in storage (from date of manufacture), 7 years after the first use.The shelf life is given as an indication. The following factors can cause it to vary greatly:

– Non-compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions for transport, storage and use

– “Aggressive” work environment: marine atmosphere, chemicals, extreme temperatures, sharp edges…

– Particularly intensive use

– Shock or significant constraint

– Disregard for the product item’s history

Warning: these factors can cause damage invisible to the naked eye.

Warning: certain extreme conditions can shorten the shelf life by a few days.

If in doubt, always remove the product for it to undergo either:

– a review

– destruction

The shelf life is not a substitute for periodic verification (minimum annually) which will assess the condition of the product.

This PPE has been tested with a mass constraint 50% higher than the standard requirements (at 150 kg).


Instructions for storage:

During transport and storage:

– keep the product in its packaging

– keep the product away from any sharp, abrasive, objects etc…

– Keep the product away from sunlight, heat, flames, hot metal, oil, petroleum products, harsh chemicals, acids, dyes, solvents, sharp edges and structures of small diameter. These items can affect the performance of the fall arrest device.

After use, store the product in its packaging in a cool, dry, ventilated area.


Instructions for cleaning / maintenance:

Brush with water and soap. The harness will be then wiped with a dry cloth and hung up in a ventilated room. Coat metallic parts with vaseline oil soaked cloth. Bleaching agents and detergents are strictly forbidden.

To ensure its working condition and therefore the safety of the user, the product should be checked systematically:

-State of the strap or rope: no fraying, no boot cut, no visible damage at seams, no burning and no unusual narrowing

– Condition of seams and fasteners: no visible damage

– Condition of the metal parts: no wear, no deformation, no corrosion or oxidation

– General condition: look for any possible damage due to ultraviolet radiation and other climatic conditions

– Correct operation and locking of connectors

Specific conditions such as humidity, snow, ice, mud, dirt, paint, oil, glue, corrosion, wear of the strap or rope, etc..

can significantly reduce the operation of the fall arrest device.

Compliance with the essential requirements of Directive 89/686/EEC, in particular in terms of design, ergonomics and safety. Meets with requirements and test standards EN363, EN364, EN365, EN361.Tested at 150 kg according to EN361, see product marking.Other components: Connector or vest or belt or lanyard or shock absorber: Follow the instructions described in their own technical specifications.