JSP UK – Chemical Spill Kits

Chemical Spill Kits, JSP UK (TS SK 0234)


Spill kits helps you respond to spills quickly and effectively. Available in fix mount or portable to allow to position in strategic areas of your facility. Controls odours caused by spills to ensure that your workplace can quickly get back to normal after accidental spills.
Select the right spill kit for those emergency spills in your workplace or other environments where an emergency spill kit will provide immediate response to chemical spills, oil spills cleanup.
Chemical spill kits absorb acids and bases and are generally used for environments where chemical spill can occur and need immediate chemical spill cleanup. In general, spill response kits are used for general spill cleanup of oil, coolants, solvents and water based spills. These spill kits are known as MRO spill response kits for the general cleanup of fluids found in many industrial workplaces. Truck spill kits are also very popular among freight transporters for the cleanup of fuel spills. These emergency spill response kits fit tight spaces on vehicles and equipment. Available in 15 liter, 35 liter, 90 liter, 150 liter.