Solar Flashing Light

Solar Flashing Light – Pedestrian Type (TS B 0178)


Material : Monocrystalline silicon 18V/8-10W
Work time : 15years
Battery material: Lead-acid, valve-controlled battery, Storage battery 12V/7AH,
battery life 3 years, housing PC shell, bend the bracket, pure
fiberglass circuit boards
LED Work Time : More than 50,000 hours
LED color : Yellow + Red
LED quantity : 145-215PCS
Flashing rate : > 24 ± 2 times/ min
Visual distance : 500m
Work time : >240h in the rainy or cloudy
Weight : Varies depending on the product configuration
Controller :Intelligent control microcontroller, and automatic deployment
of light-emitting frequency of checks of the product battery
capacity, with over charge / discharge protection; band night/day mode, intelligent operating modes (normal mode and
power saving mode); between specific products can be
wireless synchronization flicker, no flicker cascade,
Switch : Power switch, mode switch
Power adaptability : Good
Work environment : -20℃ +70℃
Waterproof : IP58
Service : Three-year warranty
Packaging : Carton packing
Note : This style can only yellow or reddish slow flash function word
(SLOW) function together, the prices of different
diameter : 300mm