Solar Road Stud

Solar Road Stud (TS PA 0215)


Solar cell: poly-crystalline silicon / single-crystalline silicon (2.5v, 95mA) Storage battery- Ni-MH (1200mAH) / Super Capacitor50F)
Light source: super luminosity LED, LED quantity: 6 pcs
Luminosity colors: red, yellow. Work time: 108 hours above for Varying Type (150times/minute); and more than 24 hours for constant type
(standard luminosity intensity) Work temperature: -25 to +75 degree C.
Material of light: Aluminum alloy and Polycarbonate
Resist compression: 30 tons
Waterproof grade IP>67
Life: >5 years (Ni-MH) or >15 year (Super Capacitor)
View distance: over 800m
Guarantee period: 14 months Size: 12cm x 13 cm