USTUN Plastic Speed Ramps 500mm Made in Turkey

USTUN, Plastic Speed Ramps 500mm, Made in Turkey


USTUN, Plastic Speed Ramps 500mm, Made in Turkey



Plastic speed hbumps are great solution if you are looking to reduce traffic speeds and increase pedestrian safety in busy traffic areas or in closed spaces that need a limited speed like parking. Speed bumps are made in force drivers to slow down.



– Manufactured in high-quality material

– Easy use with a practic installation method.

– Excellent night-day visibility with cat’s eye reflector / reflective glass beads.

– Rigid surface for high impact resistant body.

– Appropriate design & dimensions to reduce speed without damage on wheel trim.

– Adequate to any road width, thanks to a modular design.

– Strong resistance to weather conditions -20 deg +60 deg C.

– UV stabilizes to increase durability.

– Designed for extra grip on the road.

– ISO 9001:2008


Production: Speed ramps are produced by injection moulding method.

Material: Speed ramps are made of polypropylene carbonate, manufactured & intended to sharply reduce the speed of vehicles. Ramps is specially developed & design in a very special formthat will not damaged or harm vehicle.



Ramps: 500 x 500 x 45mm

End Caps: 250 x 500 x 45mm